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Halloween at Spira Power Yoga

Albert not too happy, she is a little better now

Halloween was sure fun at Spira! We had non-stop flow of Trick or Treaters at Spira on Monday from 3pm-6pm. And when I say non-stop, I mean it! Brenda was right, we did need all the candy. I am so glad she went back to Target last week to pick up the 7th and 8th package of jumbo chocolate bags… I am so sorry Brenda for making fun of you for being paranoid about running out of candy!

I don’t know what we would have done with so many kids knocking on our doors and no candy…that would have been scary!

Brenda looked absolutely smashing as a black cat.

Cosetta was an orange cat, Dora (myself) I came as Hello Kitty. We did not coordinate this feline invasion. It just happened. Valerie somehow missed the memo and dressed as a bug.

Brenda Valerie and Dora

Of course Halloween did not pass without the scary moments…. Poor little Albert got into something and she spent the next day at the vet. Here she is  in her favorite  blanky recovering.

So  here are some pictures. They do say pictures are worth a thousand words and in case of Halloween it is definitely true!

What is the bug up to? Albert stay inside!

yes; as I said no words needed... really not needed...

Kids Kids Kids for three hours! I did not know there were that many kids out there in Seattle


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