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How 200 Hours Changed My Life

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Spira Power Yoga is great whether you want to teach or simply wish to deepen your yoga, and Enrich your life with new perspective and inner peace!

Make no mistake, Spira’s teacher training is great for folks who DON’T want to teach. But that message often gets lost ever since Yoga Alliance started regulating programs. Today we are forced to call it ‘Teacher Training”. We are boxed into categories of 200-hour & 500-hour “Teacher Training.”

Years ago, yoga practitioners simply took lessons from teachers and eventually mentored under a “guru” to become teachers. Students engaged in deep yoga learning because the program was; “Deepen Your Yoga,” “The Art of Asana” and so forth. Folks jumped in with an open mind to simply learn. The curriculum was not much different than it is today, but the engagement and expectations of the students were very different. Teaching was never the goal but rather the side effect of much learning. That title, “Teacher Training,” it can alienate those who are not interested in teaching, and side track the journey with expectations for those who wish to teach.

Still not sure? Heather, a graduate of Spira’s 2015- 2016 “Teacher Training” offered to share her experience. Thus with gratitude, I share her words with you…

– Dora, owner of Spira Power Yoga and lead teacher for 200 Hour Teacher Training.

Review of Spira’s Yoga Teacher Training by Heather:

“I enrolled in the Teacher Training at Spira after attending classes there for a few months. I attended the training Sept 2015-April 2016. I had never been seriously interested in yoga before this and I was curious to see what would come of it. I have always been interested in health, well-being and exercise but I was burned out on the gym and was seeking something different. My goal was not to become a teacher, but a student. I had questions about poses, the meaning behind the practice and how to best integrate it into my life.

I have a busy life; a full time job that includes regular travel, aging in-laws, a husband and young son. I was able to complete the training successfully and felt that I was able to participate fully, complete the assignments and gather all I could from the experience.

What I gained:

  1. Enough knowledge and comfort with the physical practice that I can practice for the rest of my life

  2. I learned the history of yoga in the east and the west and how it fits into our current culture

  3. A stronger and more flexible and healthier physical body

  4. A deeper and more pure experience of my Self that was different from anything else I have ever done

  5. Ability to discern the healthy and unhealthy practices of yoga so I can stay safe and not injure myself

  6. Friendships and community

  7. Increased success at my job and personal relationships because of the added insight that the training provided me

  8. I have for the most part let go of the competition and comparison that goes on around body shapes, exercise and physical appearance as it relates to physical fitness

  9. I truly love and enjoy practicing yoga regularly several days a week without the expectation of a certain outcome

I have subsequently taken several weekend workshops in the last year or so since my training ended, all of which have increased my enjoyment of life and deepened by understanding of myself.

I am full of gratitude for Spira and I look forward to many years of yoga!”

Heather, age 49


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