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One small business to another small business, we can help each other stand through the storms.

Kim is one of Spira’s yoga students. One day  she came to class with tears in her eyes, head bobbed down; I knew at once something was really wrong. I stopped her and asked. She looked up at me and though a choked up voice managed to squeeze out a few words. “My business was robbed, they took everything.” My heart just sank, as a fellow business owner I know exactly what that that means; when a small  business gets robbed they don’t just take stuff, they also take away livelihood from a family.

When I heard Kim’s story I  knew  I could help her. Maybe not by much, but every little bit helps. Spira is a tiny community of loving yogis of the neighborhood.  I decided to place a  piggybank jar at the reception of  the studio with a  shortened version of the letter that she has written me. If you have some extra cash laying around next time you are at Spira please donate to our “Kim foundation.”  One  small business to another small business, we can help each other stand through the storms. Remember  even if it is a few dollars, don’t forget they have healing energy. When someone gets robbed it feels that the whole world stopped caring. Every dollar with a little note of love can heal a hurt soul.

Peace be with you, Namaste – Dora

Below is the full version of Kim’s letter to me.

Namaste Spira Family!

Some of you may recognize me from Spira classes, others will see me walking dogs down the street, and several of you may have had appointments with me at Ola Salon and Spa as I am an independent contractor there practicing aesthetics.

Recently, my small West Seattle business was robbed. They took all of my back bar and retail products. Much of what I need to run my small business successfully was taken.  In this community it was amazing to feel and hear the loving support. I fell in love with West Seattle 4 years ago when my family relocated here. We had little friends and not a ton of experience in such a large & progressive city. Starting a business here was terrifying but West Seattle certainly proved us wrong and were incredibly welcoming. I was astonished with how connected businesses were with one another. What an accomplishment; to recognize there is enough to go around and that success relied on the success of others. That is what I have observed here in the West Seattle business community.

I am so grateful to Dora of Spira to offer up some type of solution without hesitation when she heard of the situation.  Dora and her staff made me once again remember why West Seattle is in my heart. It’s because of the unique support-the small businesses that reside here, & the families that allow us to function. Spira has provided that balance in my life, so that I may run a successful and meaningful business, be a good wife and mother, friend and co-worker.  I am honored that they are allowing me to ask for help through their business. The week this happened I was late to a Spira practice and the instructor asked the class to use one word that explained what we were feeling. I responded, “SAD.” I realized then that I do not know many of you, or your names, your struggles or families. However, I became aware that attending these classes with you, struggling silently beside you is where I felt the most comfortable in sharing my honestly. “Because it truly takes a village,” and you were mine that day. Thank you beyond words. My heart is so humbled with community and I appreciate anything you have to give.

With Warm Regards and Much Peace,

Kimberly & her family: Jimi, Eiler and those pups, Rogue & Leo


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