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Social Distancing is not the only thing keeping us apart

A fantastic listen during social distancing. Malcolm Gladwell created an audiobook that feels more like radio; full of live interviews and clips from old footage.

We think being apart limits how well we can communicate; well, think again. Here is an entertaining audiobook that emphasizes the need for mindful listening and curiosity. Too often, we (all of us in society) make too many assumptions, group-think ideas, and simply jump to wrong conclusions.

Let’s take a little time to re-examine how to listen to one and other, so when social distancing rules are lifted, we can truly be there for one and another.

If you wish to learn mindful listening skills, consider taking this online workshop starting April 11th

C’mon, what else are you gonna do Saturday night? It’s not like we are going anywhere, so let’s hang out together online and learn some handy skills for the future.

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