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Why Take Teacher Training at Spira – Student’s Feedback

Spira Power Yoga Teacher Training Class of 2015 - 2016

Teaching 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training and/or Self Enrichment is more than a job for me. It is my life calling. There is something very intimate about connecting to students over 9 months of time. I not only teach yoga philosophy, anatomy, asanas, chakras and so forth, but I also teach self-awareness and a way of being with yoga, living yoga. Because of its intimate nature, I don’t share what happens in Teacher Training, as I honor and respect the connections that I make with my students. At the same time, as a business, I must establish a proof of quality so future students can get excited and sign up for this amazing journey.

Spira Power Yoga Teacher Training Class of 2014- 2015

As a compromise, I asked the class of 2015-16 for one public letter. In addition, I have taken a picture of my office desk at home that shows thank you cards from my students.  I like to keep these cards on my desk, as they are good reminders for why I do this work. When I am bogged down by doing taxes, administrative tasks, media updates and workweeks with no weekends, I like to gaze at my cards to give me strength and inspiration. My students become my extended family. I love to share my passion and knowledge of yoga, and I am looking forward to meeting you.

Thank you cards on my office desk at home.

Student Testimonial: “Thanks so much for a great teacher training! I have had a few great teachers in my life, and I regard you as one of the best. I define a great teacher as someone who helps bring out the potential in myself. I can say that your words have been taken to heart, and I embrace the pathway to a deeper understanding of myself and my connection to others like never before because of your dedication. It is obvious that you have taken great thought into what you have presented to us, and I feel that the topics covered were really exactly what I wanted from a teacher training. In short, I feel prepared to pursue my interest in teaching with a confidence that I have a broad perspective on yoga that few other teacher training programs could have provided. Thanks to Carina too for her coverage of the chakras. I will treasure this experience and find ways to inspire others along the way!”

Spira Power Yoga Teacher Training Class of 2013-2014


Trent, Class of 2015-2016

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