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Meet our canine support staff

From time to time, you will find two sweet, hypoallergenic, non-shedding dogs at the studio, Albert and Panni.

Dogs are a wonderful example of unconditional love, joy, happiness and equanimity. They can also teach you the best form for “Upward Dog” and “Downward Dog”.


Panni, a standard poodle, has a mellow, gracious and wonderful soul.  Albert is a “maltipoo,” a mix between a mini-poodle and a maltese. She is the best fetcher in the universe, full of energy, playfulness and fun! She was named after Albert Einstein since she insisted on sitting on the Einstein biography book as a puppy. She has the same hair as the physicist but not quite the same intelligence. Even though she is a girl, the name stuck, she is Albert!


We usually go for a big-walkies in the middle of the day. Our  path is down to Alki beach and back. Then they get to roam the reception area of the studio till the students come back… and yes, they break the rules and get on the couch whenever Regan is not around… Just don’t tell Regan…

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