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Spira reading list

Spira Power Yoga® believes that for optimal health the mind has to be trained and challenged equally as the body. We believe that good writing and thorough examination of topics are necessary if we are to live in a world that is meaningful, has emotional and intellectual depth, and has democratic character. Democracy can only work if the people of the state have the education and understanding to make informed decisions. Personal freedom is limited to imagination and knowledge. Our ability to direct our life depends on how well we understand the surrounding universe.


Spira’s reading list is not restricted to Yoga books. Traditionally yoga teaches students mindfulness and awareness, it is a philosophy of life. Every culture and genre offers light into mindfulness, thus Spira’s book recommendations are from many sources. We pick books that are intellectually stimulating, that carry an imminent message of importance to our world’s dilemmas, and that are a joy to read due to the lyrical beauty of language.


Spira has no affiliation with Amazon, or with the authors and publishers of these books. We make zero money off of this recommendation list. We are simply avid readers and like to share what we like.


Enjoy the books, come back and check on this link often. We add books to this list monthly!


Happy Reading!

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