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Conveniently located on Gilman Boulevard in Issaquah between I-90 exits 15 and 16, Spira Power Yoga is a one-of-a-kind mindfulness based power flow yoga studio in a warm room that strives to help people increase vitality through their yoga practices and lifestyle choices. We offer a range of classes  including power yoga, slow flow power yoga and, yin yoga  and as well as special offers for new students. We are proud to have received the highest ratings from students and Yoga Alliance.



What is power yoga?


Spira Power Yoga focuses on power flow yoga, mindfulness, healthy functional motion-based alignment, and philosophy. Each of our teachers is unique which means that no two classes are alike. But we share a philosophy of excellence and safety.


Looking for hot yoga in Isaquah?


We are not Bikram Yoga, Instead, we practice warm yoga which means our yoga studio is heated to an ideal 86° F. During summertime, we often don’t use heat. Warm rather than hot heat helps chronically contracted muscles to relax into the warmth of the body.



Our yoga studio in Issaquah


Practice yoga in a bright and airy room. Our zen forest window coverings provide a peaceful backdrop to your yoga practice in Issaquah. The flooring is a soft, biodegradable, antimicrobial vinyl with a 7mm foam underlayment for your joint comfort. We have two restrooms and a comfortable changing area with cubbies for your convenience. We have one shower, not luxurious, but it gets the job done. 


We take pride in our cleanliness. What do you get when the owner of a yoga studio used to work in a biology laboratory? An obsessively clean studio! We believe in the power of bleach. Green biodegradable cleaners are great for your home, but they do not disinfect. When it comes to public bathrooms and yoga studio floor we want to make sure no bacteria survive till the next day. We promise to bleach daily all floors, bathrooms and all door knobs! We even spot clean the floors between every class with light bleach water, sure it may be a little moist when you first step in, but it is clean!!!




What is nearby?


Spira Power Yoga Issaquah offers plentiful parking on Gilman Boulevard. We are near to Trader Joe's as well as restaurants including Issaquah Pho, Madras Dosa Corner, Naan N Curry, Malarky's Sports Grill, and WildFin American Grill.


new member special

Give Spira a try! One week unlimited yoga either streaming-live online, or in-person for only $10

"Spira Power Yoga in Issaquah is awesome!!! The class I took from Dora was challenging and inspiring! I saw all levels of students- and the class was challenging for all. Spira is one of the best yoga studios I have been to in seattle area, very welcoming vibe! I will definitely be back"


~ Beth

"Beautiful space and great teachers. The classes are truly all levels and kept between 85-90 degrees to avoid over-stretching and injury. Challenging for sure and you'll still sweat, yet it's mindful and breath-based. Excited that Issaquah can now benefit from these teachers and methodology :)"


~ Andrew

"This is not your average studio, where one goes through the paces. There is so much more to yoga, and the teachers are there to guide, instruct and encourage in a seriously playful manner."


~ Teresa

"Participating in classes here you feel the sense of community which supports you in letting go of self judgments. Your time on the mat is a time of mindfulness not just acquisition of a perfect body of more power."



~ Theodore

"Ahh so nice.. not too hot like a crazy hot yoga. not to slow..not too fast. Just right. Smaller class and I felt like I belonged the whole time."


~ Larry

"Best studio I've ever been. Very challenging but in a comfortable relaxed environment great for any level."


~ Monica

Spira Power Yoga

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Spira Power Yoga

1135 NW Gilman Blvd Ste, F-10
Issaquah, 98027

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