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about SPIRA yoga studio


Get in shape, while managing Anxiety and Stress; Learn how Meditation, Nutrition, and Yoga Philosophy can help you live better.


Spira is top-rated on Yoga Alliance, Yelp, Google, Facebook, and with over 300 reviews on Groupon, we have earned 4.5 to 5 stars everywhere! 

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The team at Spira understands that there is more to health and wellness than exercise. We believe that it is important to take care of your mind and your body. That means learning how to manage stress and focusing on nutrition in addition to building strength and flexibility.


At Spira, every teacher is unique, but we share a philosophy of excellence and safety. We still teach yoga the way it was originally meant to be; a combination of Mindfulness, Movement, Meditation and Breathing. We call these the M3B Principles.


Our unique blend of traditions creates a one-of-a-kind yoga community.  We take our yoga seriously, but you may find a lot of chatter and laughter in between classes. 


We practice an accessible but challenging yoga that sculpts and tones the muscles of your body and mind.  Get a great full-body workout without the atmosphere of a gym!


We are not Bikram yoga or hot yoga. Our classes are heated to a comfortable 74 degrees.  We are not a franchise; we are locally family-owned and operated.

We like to breathe, move, celebrate health, and get into a healthy mind frame where daily stress is more manageable.

We have a variety of different classes to serve all physical abilities, from vigorous to gentle flow to Hatha and Yin.

Join us if you are looking for an alternative to a gym membership.


We teach conscious deep diaphragmatic yoga breathing that has been shown in multiple scientific studies to lower blood pressure, stress and improve concentration.


Breathing is what causes the movement of energy and what helps the body relax. Conscious breathing stimulates the cerebral cortex and has a relaxing and balancing effect on our emotions.


Focusing on our breath during our yoga practice helps us to control the movements, which reduces the chances of injury.

YOGA Movement

We have modified and corrected yoga poses in line with current safe alignment guides by sports professionals and physical therapists. All poses from yoga and gymnastics have been altered to fit a "healthy range of motion." We do not teach nor glorify over-flexibility. 


Our goal is to balance flexibility with strength and to allow the smaller stabilizing muscles which are responsible for balance and joint stability  to gain strength.


Each class starts with a motion-rich warm-up of muscles and only uses active stretching after warm-up - never passive stretching without the engagement of antagonistic muscle groups.

Yoga meditation

Meditation is a state when the mind is able to release aggravating sensations caused by repetitive thoughts such as worry. The yoga teacher’s job is to guide not just the exercise but also the breath and the feeling associated with breathing and moving. The mind has to focus not just on doing, but on perceiving and feeling the perfect alignment of the exercise. Conscious focusing on the movement with conscious feeling associations encourages plasticity in the brain, it is the key element to improving focus and alleviating stress.


The combination of mindful movement with breathing and conscious sensation processing occupies the mind to such degree that all other thoughts temporally pause. At this state, though the practitioner is exercising and physically working really hard, his or her mind is more relaxed and calm.


Spira also offers dedicated workshops on meditation.

Beyond Yoga - Lectures and Educational Seminars on Mindfulness

Spira Mindful Wellness, specializes in creating unique lecture series on stress management, mindfulness, and resilience training for the professional community. Spira Mindful Wellness utilizing  Spira's special M3B method® (M3B = Mindful Movement Meditation and Breathing) worked with hospitals, police and IT companies, and we often present to the pubic here at Spira Yoga. Check out our workshop page for upcoming mindfulness seminars.

Spira Mindful Wellness is here to make your workplace healthier by tailoring our teaching to fit your unique challenges.

By presenting thoroughly researched topics in science, philosophy, and history, connecting Eastern Wisdom with Western Science, we provide more than just research statistics, we provide an effective tool kit designed specifically for your workplace.


It is common knowledge that our daily food choices make a big difference in our health. Eating a poor diet reduces physical, and mental health because eating healthy allows people to be more active. Good nutrition, on the other hand, means your body gets all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it needs to work its best. Although many of us understand the importance of good nutrition, our busy schedules often make it challenging to practice.

To support your ongoing health and wellness, we offer nutrition focused workshops as well as a Nutrition and Mindfulness curriculum.


spira in the community


Yoga for Hope


Dora has presented 5 years in a row for Yoga for Hope, an event organized for City of Hope, that does more than clinical research. It helps patients heal with holistic programs such as yoga, meditation and art therapy.


City of Hope’s pioneering research and treatment programs fight cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Organizations we contribute to:

City of Hope

Holy Rosary Church

Alki Elementary PTA

UW School of Medicine – MSA Fundraiser (free medical clinic for homeless youth that is operated in large part by volunteer students from the medical school)

Muttley Crew Cuts – Animal Aid and Rescue

Lafayette Elementary

Rick Rizzs and Dave Henderson Toys for Kids Auction

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