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yoga teacher training and Self-Enrichment

Year after year Spira Power Yoga has received the highest rating by students on Yoga Alliance. We pride ourselves in high-quality education with an in-depth curriculum representing both Eastern Philosophy and Western Science. At Spira, you will receive a robust well-rounded education.


Whether you are looking for yoga teacher certification or you just want to take your yoga practice to the next level, you will find Spira to be an ideal school.  We specialize in flow-yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, Nidra, Yin, and Restorative Yoga, all based on healthy functional motion-based alignment, and philosophy.

Quality AND credentials

Do you have questions?

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200 hr Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher Training

Mindfulness is what sets us apart. Learn simple but powerful tactics that will change your life.


500 hr Yoga Alliance-certified Teacher Training

Want to become a teacher or deepen your understanding of yoga? Perfect!


Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits

We offer 15 different weekend topics as Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Classes.

Ying yoga training

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Learn a yoga style that focuses primarily on improving joint health, releasing fascia, and relieving tension in the lumbar spine.

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Learn how to help release layers of tension and feel at ease in your body.

"If you are curious about the teacher training, I would highly recommend it. It’s so informative and interesting that it’s worthwhile even if you don’t want to teach, yet so essential if you DO want to teach."

~ Helen

why take yoga teacher training?

To deepen your yoga practice

To trigger a change in your life

Too share yoga with others

Too learn about Ayurveda

To understand yourself on a deeper level

To learn new life-enhancing skills

To make new authentic connections

To learn new things about your body

To discover your strength

To deepen your spiritual practices


To understand where yoga came from

To move more mindfully and avoid injury

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