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Meet dora 

Owner of Spira Power Yoga® Studios, Inventor of M3B Method®, Founder of Spira Mindful Wellness™

sharing a love of physical well-being

Dora is an ERYT and the owner of Spira Power Yoga® studio. She is the inventor of M3B Method®; a mindfulness-based philosophy and training methodology, the backbone of Spira Power Yoga®. Dora’s European heritage and education in both the sciences and the humanities created a unique style. This style blends Eastern and Western theological, literary, and scientific traditions that are reflected in both her yoga teaching and mindfulness lectures.


Dora is also the Founder of Spira Mindful Wellness.™ With over 15 years of experience, Dora has developed multiple lectures on stress management, resilience, meditation, and interpersonal awareness. Weaving, Eastern and Western Philosophy, psychology, yoga, and neuroscience.


Dora Gyarmati founded Spira Power Yoga in West Seattle's Admiral Neighborhood in 2011 and expanded to Issaquah at the beginning of 2019. Inspired by the benefits of mindfulness practice in the Spira community, Dora decided to expand outside of the yoga studio walls.  In 2018 Dora spun off a sister company to Spira Power Yoga, Spira Mindful Wellness, which specializes in creating unique lecture series on stress management, and resilience training, to fit your community.


Dora teaches yoga and mindfulness from life experience, emphasizing strength with a lighthearted attitude. Using humor to carry students through the tough elements during yoga practice as well as mindfulness lectures. 

Dora’s experience includes a lifetime of active pursuits, beginning with her study of ballet and gymnastics in Hungary at age three. Also an ardent runner, she was introduced to yoga in 2002. At the time she worked as a Research Biologist, and trail running was a way of life, a connection to nature, and meditation. When she found herself with a knee injury, she just had to find a way to build back strength and stability to her joints, yoga seemed like a natural choice.


She fell in love with yoga, but quickly realized that it needed to be “updated” to keep it safe anatomically, and to meet the lifestyle needs of people in the 21st century. Over the years, Dora developed her own methodology: M3B Method®.


Mindful Movement Meditation and Breathing is the fruit of 15 years of studying yoga, philosophy, anatomy, neuroscience and mindfulness.

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Beyond Yoga - Lectures and Educational Seminars on Mindfulness for First Responders, Hospitals, and Corporations

In 2018 Dora spun off a sister company to Spira Power Yoga, Spira Mindful Wellness, which specializes in creating unique lecture series on stress management, mindfulness, and resilience training for the professional community. Spira Mindful Wellness utilizing Dora's special M3B method® (M3B = Mindful Movement Meditation and Breathing) worked with hospitals, police and IT companies.

Spira Mindful Wellness is here to make your workplace healthier by tailoring our teaching to fit your unique challenges.

The goal is to help reduce feelings of emotional distress and to provide a forum to engage the unique struggles inherent in a specific professional field. By presenting thoroughly researched topics in science, philosophy, and history, connecting Eastern Wisdom with Western Science, we provide more than just research statistics, we provide an effective tool kit designed specifically for your workplace.

a life time of learning

Dora has a BA in Art History and a BS in Neurobiology from the University of California San Diego.  She worked in immunology research prior to her business and yoga career.


She has completed Level I, Level II and Level III teacher training with Baron Baptiste. She also studied with and takes inspiration from Shiva Rea, David Swenson, Ana Forest, Brian Kest, Dharma Mittra, Ed Clark, and Simon Park. Most recently, Dora has completed Trauma Sensitive Yoga  Training with Hala Khouri.



Dora believes a good teacher never stops being a student. She continues to take continuing education workshops and attends university lectures online regularly. She is also an avid reader, believing that the deepest education comes from our own hunger for curiosity; reading and studying literature, spiritual studies, philosophy, and science.

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