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Memories of Wanderlust

– July 28th-July 31st written by Dora Gyarmati-

Wanderlust is a 4 day long yoga festival in Northern California by Lake Tahoe.  I did not plan on going. I kept telling myself there is no way I can take time off, no way.  I just opened a new business, I am trying to refinance my house, I am figuring out my life outside corporate America. There is just no way, not a good time. I must work hard to make this business successful. This business is my life dream, I must work, I must work, I must work!

I fantasized about being able to relax someday. Oh when I will travel to Hawaii in the winter, when the business up and ready. Then out of the blue my friend presented a free ticket to Wonderlust. The same day I received one of those monthly letters from Alaskan Airlines that I am drowning in miles that I need to use up… Hmm. What is God trying to tell me?

The action was totally unconscious. I just got online and purchased a ticket to Reno. The second I hit “purchase” I thought “shit, why did I do this, I can’t go! I got too much to do!”

But I kept the ticket. Days went by and every day I would moan to Brenda; I don’t know if I can go… what should I do? But something made me go. Something stopped me from picking up the phone and asking Alaskan to refund my miles. What was it? Was I seeking relaxation? Was I trying to escape responsibility? Was I mesmerized by unknown possibilities of an adventure?

Was I pragmatic and wanting to grow my business by growing my network in the yoga world? I knew something was drawing me to go, but I had no idea what. So I went, got on the plane not knowing anything at all, confused by my decision to go and nervous to leave the business behind. But I went, though it took a while to arrive with my soul. I was there in body attending 3 classes a day, listening to concerts, wine tasting, bumping into old friends…but it was an out of body experience. I was still here in Seattle trying to run my business. I kept checking in with Brenda, she just laughed and sent me a text saying; all is good would you just relax and have some fun!

And for two more days I immersed myself in the beauty of nature, the joy of yoga, and spontaneous love of the moment. I danced

As I boarded the plane back to Seattle I wondered; how can I hold onto this? Then my questions changed and I declared;   “I will hold onto this”    As we affirm, God confirms

I will hold onto this – this is my yoga off the mat. As I write these words, I bask in the beauty of my memories of Wanderlust. Then I gaze out and see a wonderful day, sun shining and smiling students come to class. It dawns on me I am living my dream life! Yes, life is uncertain; yes I chose to start a business in a down economy with all my savings. Yes I am not sure how all of this will work out, but for now, and just for now; I am living my dream. I just needed a reminder that beauty is all around me all the time. All I need to do is let myself see it.


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