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Maybe money does not run the universe…or maybe it is a fluke :-)


In the last two weeks Spira got named number one yoga studio in Seattle by Seattle SunTimes and was mentioned as one of the best studios in the nation by Spryliving . Now, I do know this is all just an opinion. I am not delusional, there are so many wonderful studios in the country that one cannot even list them out in 5 pages single print. But never the less, there was my little Spira. Without using PR, without all the tricks of the trade. Simply because we got good reviews on Yelp, Facebook, Google and who knows where else nowadays people post…Our reputation developed from human interaction and by that I mean teacher to student interaction not owner to IT guy interaction. 🙂 It could be a weird fluke but it sure fills my heart with hope. Often, I find myself so cynical about “how the world works”. It is really refreshing to know that maybe money does not drive the universe as much as I thought. Maybe the human spirit and human touch has power and can shine through. Now, I can’t wait to see human spirit beat down money and power during the next elections with congress, but that would be a whole different blog and maybe an even more impossible fluke! But I have hope.

So back to why I decided to share this story? Because all I did is focus on the process. I did not focus on the goal of having good online recognition. I simply focused on the process and on what I love: yoga and people. And somehow the goal still happened. So next time you find yourself with a goal that does not resonate with you, find the process that you love and let go of the goal. Who knows, you  may end up at your goal after all and if not you at least enjoyed the process.

If you want to read more about how to reach your goals, read my earlier blog!

Thank you, Dora


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