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Responsible Reopening

Slowly, but we are taking steps to get back to our regular schedule in the studio.

Don't worry zoom is here to stay; we are not taking away any of the virtual classes.

Please keep your eyes peeled for in-studio classes; depending on the demand, we will modify the schedule. - If we see you guys showing up in person, we will grow our in-studio classes. In many ways; the future is in your hand. We offer multiple options to help us determine what is best for our current students.

Current Health and Safety Requirements per Washington State
  1. Per Washington State mandate: Masks are required for everyone, regardless of vaccination status, while indoors. This includes wearing a mask while you practice. Sure, it’s not our top choice to do yoga while wearing a mask. But trust us - it’s still totally worth it.

  2. Proof of vaccination is required to practice per State Mandate starting Thursday, October 25th. Please be prepared to show proof of vaccination at the front desk at your first class. (You only need to show it once - we’ll mark your account after that). Alternately, you may provide proof of a negative PCR COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours prior to the start of class. This requirement is in line with the King County Health Order that takes effect on October 25th.

Class offerings:

  1. In-Studio All Level Spira Yoga - These classes are simultaneously zoomed, to allow us to save on resources during this difficult time. The camera is ONLY on the teachers. Students have full privacy.

  2. IN-STUDIO Spira Yoga Without Zoom - like old times - Are you ready for normal yoga without zoom? I hope you are! I am really ready for normal to return. The more folks show up, the more "normal" classes without zoom we can afford to schedule!

  3. Live Stream Yoga - These are Live-stream classes via zoom

  4. On-Demand for 1-2 days - To give you ample flexibility for these challenging times, we have scheduled many different classes from 30 min abs to meditation, to 50 min flow. The class descriptions are clear on the schedule, and the best part; if you cannot make the Live-stream time, don't worry, we email you the recorded class for your convenience. You will have access to recordings for up to two days. Browse our schedule to find the best kind of class for your needs!

Current in-studio classes in West Seattle:

Click here to register for West Seattle schedule

Current in-studio classes in Issaquah

Click here to register for Issaquah Schedule

Online Classes

Again, don't worry, online classes are here to stay indefinitely.

Need to purchase Classes?

Here is a link to our pricing page.