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Responsible Reopening

Slowly, but we are taking steps to get back to our regular schedule in the studio.

Don't worry zoom is here to stay; we are not taking away any of the virtual classes.

Please keep your eyes peeled for in-studio classes; depending on the demand, we will modify the schedule.

Current in-studio classes in West Seattle:

Click here to register for West Seattle schedule

Current in-studio classes in Issaquah

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Our rate of opening is determined by Washington State Public Health guidelines and our team's comfort zone. As an ex-laboratory research person, human being, and business owner, I feel it is essential to run my business in a responsible way regarding:

  • Public health responsibilities and education

  • Humanitarian responsibilities towards my team and my students

  • And lastly, as a business, to try to survive this tough time

Please make sure to read in detail; you must understand risks and procedures as we progress towards re-opening. You are responsible for your health, but during the pandemic, you are also responsible for the health of the community. Thus this announcement has to be in detail; this is not the stuff for pretty pictures and short-handed marketing gimmicks. Yes, we are excited to be open, but our excitement has to be guided by knowledge. Please do your homework and read my message below!

We are cautiously opening one class at the time. But don't worry, live-stream zoom classes and on-demand classes are here to stay forever and ever. Technological progress is one positive development that came out of this pandemic.

The safety of our students and instructors is our absolute top priority. Though we are able to meet the opening requirements for Phase 2 in King County, Spira Power Yoga has decided to only open a few classes in person. We want to make sure we are able to clean and keep everyone as safe as possible before we offer all/more classes in-person to the public.

I (Dora the owner) also leave it to each teacher whether they feel comfortable coming to teach in the studio. I will not request anybody to do anything out of their comfort zone. Thus, we will be slow and steady, and respectful to our community's wishes. Thank you for understanding.

Keep an eye on the website and our schedule, as we pepper in a few "In-studio" classes throughout the week and continue to check out our virtual offerings, either via Live Zoom classes, or On-Demand. We thank you for your continued partnership and look forward to seeing you soon!

Preparing to come to class

  • Please bring your own mat, towel, and any props you need. We will not be renting or sharing equipment at this time.

  • Bring your own water, as we will not have a water cooler available, nor water for sale.

  • Classes will be limited to 25% capacity at 6 ft apart.

  • Pre-registration required. Please sign-up on Mindbody

  • Come at least 10 min early since check-in procedures are a bit longer

  • We need your teamwork to make sure that students who wish to practice have a chance in this limited setting. Thus if you sign up and don't show up, you will be charged a $25 fee. (even if you have membership or punch card) So please do not sign up for classes unless you are sure you can make it! Also, please be mindful of allowing others to take classes; don't "hoard registration" :- )

  • When students come to class, the door is propped open and everyone will keep keeping 6 ft distance as they sign in one-by-one. Since the weather is nice, wait outside 6ft apart as long as possible.

West Seattle Studio - check in with Sneeze guard, thermometer, and a smile!
  • Wear masks upon entering the business, and when you are practicing.

  • Sanitize your hands. We will have an alcohol station for this purpose at the front desk.

  • Stay away from touching things or sitting down in the reception area

  • The reception area will have an acrylic sneeze guard set up to keep you and Spira teacher safe

  • Fill out the COVID waiver/sign-in sheet, which includes a health screening. You will have to declare on paper that you are healthy, you have no symptoms of Covid 19, and you have not been in contact with anyone who has tested positive or had symptoms of Covid19. You will also take full responsibility for your health, releasing all liability from Spira Power Yoga. You have to acknowledge that we are doing everything per Washington Public Health guidelines, but nothing is 100% protection against the virus.

  • You will have to do this every time you take a class. (Don't worry, it will be straightforward and easy)

  • The teacher will take your temperature with the infrared thermometer and write your temperature by your name in the sign-in sheet. If you have an elevated temperature, you cannot take class.

  • Teachers will take their temperature before class and have it ready for students to see.

  • Once you're checked in, no milling about in the front entryway, proceed to the back of the studio, drop off your shoes (we encourage you to bring as little as possible with you to the studio), and enter the studio to find your spot. As you go about doing this, mindfully make sure to keep 6 feet distance from everyone.

Entering yoga room

Center you mat on the x , teacher will be in the front demonstrating while zooming class. Dog will not be in the room :-)
  • After check-in, students enter the yoga room at a designated spot that is 6 feet apart from another mat.

  • Masks are mandatory under the new guideline.

  • The teacher will also stay at their designated spot 6 feet away from all students, with no hands-on assists or adjustments. We will be simultaneously zooming our classes; the camera will be focused only on the teacher. Students will not be filmed.

  • Extra cleaning measures will take place between each class, including disinfecting high touch surfaces, mopping with virucide, and cleaning bathrooms between each class. We will leave at least an hour between classes to ensure cleaning procedures.

A note on bathrooms

· Go only if you really gots to go… as you go, keep 6ft distance from other folks, do not congregate around the bathroom door. With only a few people in the class it is easy to tell when the bathroom is occupied. As you can see from level 2 safety guidelines, they try to discourage common bathroom usage. I get it, if you "gots to go, you gots to go". We will have Lysol spray, and we will disinfect the bathroom between classes.

Online Classes

Again, don't worry, online classes are here to stay indefinitely.

Need Classes?

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