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Meditation Workshop with Jonathan Bowra

Meditation Workshop with Jonathan Bowra

Spira Power Yoga

February 23, 2013 12:30-3:30pm

Here is a little more information on this workshop:

Are you curious about meditation? Do you want to learn how to meditate?

Have you tried to meditate and have questions about your meditation experience? Are you wondering what type of meditation practice might be appropriate for you? In this experiential workshop you will learn and practice different forms of meditation.

  1. Chanting meditation.

  2. Sitting meditation.

  3. Energy meditation.

  4. Walking meditation.

  5. Bowing meditation.

The workshop will begin with a short 20-minute yoga session to prepare the body for meditation.  Then Jonathan will give an introductory talk sharing his experience living in a meditation center developing a daily meditation practice, the benefits of doing meditation retreats and how meditation can be beneficial to your work, life and yoga. During the workshop, Jonathan will teach different forms of meditation, one at a time, describing some of the benefits and who might benefit from doing this form of meditation, we will then practice this meditation. After each section there will be time for sharing your experience meditating and time for Q & A.

Benefit from Jonathan’s extensive experience in meditation.  Learn practical meditation techniques that can help you in your daily life.

Jonathan began practicing Zen Meditation in 1980 in Berkeley California.   He lived and practiced in the Empty Gate Zen Center for 8 years.  After sitting a 90-day meditation retreat in Korea he became a novice monk, returned to the US and lived the next 4 years at the Providence Zen Temple in Cumberland Rhode Island.

Meditation is a quest of self-discovery, it takes faith, courage and determination, it opens your heart and allows you to see you as you really are, this is the root of compassion.

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