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Power Yoga and Pregnancy by Tara

Power Yoga and Pregnancy by Tara

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While being so completely overjoyed with this opportunity I had to take my practice in a different direction for my changing body. I practiced yoga while I was pregnant with my other two children but this third pregnancy was so different. And although I was a yoga practitioner I hadn’t gone through extensive teacher training that I did these past few years. I was more aware of how I could modify poses but still able to take a regular yoga class. When I had my first two kids, the lovely Miss Annabelle and funny boy Anthony I was told to take prenatal yoga classes. Don’t get me wrong I think these classes are great but I wasn’t getting what I really needed.. physical strength!  I think this is so important during your pregnancy, birth and after the little baby is born.  This time around I felt strong and ready to meet our tiny bundle.

I’m so grateful that I had the experience on how to keep my regular yoga practice during the entire pregnancy up to giving birth that I would like to help others do the same.  I would love to have the opportunity to help students learn how to modify poses and share some tips and tricks from one pregnant girl to another.


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