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From Nichole to You – Gratitude Through Healing

Some of you asked for an update on Nichole. One of Spira’s regular practitioner had a bad accident, and we have been raising funds for her to help with recovery. Thank you to everyone who contributed to Nichole’s recovery. Because of you, we are only $3000 away from our goal.

She is a great teacher and inspiration on the power of the mind, breath, and yoga beyond the physical asana.

If you wish to catch up on Nichole’s story and help her recovery follow the link below:

Thank you,

Dora – Owner of Spira Power Yoga

FROM NICHOLE TO YOU: Nichole continues to heal. So many people have touched her life in so many ways

in the past three weeks she wrote this poem for you!

I’m living in the swirl of life Towards the juicy center Where all the colors merge and twist Stretching perfectly aligned

Where there is no choice but to flow in the current Let it take you And let go of all preconceived ideas of who you are and what this life should be

In the swirl, all the colors get closer and meld as you are taken towards the center Until the once individual, brilliant, distinct reflections of light merge onto and into one another

No longer separate singular travelers Now a new compilation Interconnected linking of light With a strength that has no match

Where my fellow travelers no longer just walk by my side They are in and on top of me Inside the depth of my breath Their energy seamlessly carries my broken body My vulnerable spirit

I’ve been swept into the current of your love My body may be broken but I’m flying higher than ever before

This life is beautiful I once was one Now I can see And the view from here is what dreams are made of

There are no words that can describe the depth of my appreciation for all of you My fellow travelers Thanks be to humanity The creator of such a vision of love


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