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5 min a day challenge – win amazing prizes

Five minutes a day for 21 days “challenge” – go ahead and laugh, we are serious!

You heard me, right! Let’s face it, folks, with the crazy world around us, we are all facing a bit of, shall we say, motivational sluggishness?

The Universe is already asking too much of us. We feel emotionally exhausted and tired. It is harder and harder to focus.

But I swear – Spira yoga exercise does help, and a bit of comedy, laughter in community, even if it is on zoom, helps as well.

Challenge starts August 21st! Yes, from 21st for 21 days!

AND did I say, if you finish successfully, you get to participate in a drawing for:

  • 3 people could win a Free Float

  • 1 Free Haircut

  • 1 of 10% off Annual pass

  • 1 of 15% off 20 class pass

  • 3 people could win 10% 2021 Retreat with Spira Power Yoga



So what does it mean to practice for 5 min. a day?

My teacher used to tell me that the hardest thing about yoga practice is to make the decision and actually roll out the yoga mat.

All we are asking you is to check-in for one zoom session per day. Roll out your yoga mat and do the first 5 minutes of the practice. If you stay for more, great, if you leave – it still counts.

Chances are 50% of the time you may stay for ten more minutes. Hey, 10 minutes is better than not doing a single down dog all summer!

It is also just funny – it is funny to join a session with only the intention to stay for 5 minutes. You can even join and announce before class, that you are here for one sun salutation! I bet we will get some fun laughter going.

So let’s laugh and win some great prizes.

To participate in the challenge:

Challenge starts August 21st! Yes, from 21st for 21 days!

  • Purchase 21 days of yoga for $69

  • Or if you already have an unlimited pass, just buy a $5 ticket to enter

  • Or even though you have an unlimited pass buy the $69 pass anyway because it is a great way to support us. (Summer is our slow season, add to that Covid… thank you for considering)

About the prizes:

Read about Spira’s Retreat in 2021 – I know, it is a year from now, but I think it would be a fantastic celebration of ending our crazy 2020 year! It could be the most Epic Retreat ever.

The hair cut is supplied by Lisa, who is the teacher at Spira Power Yoga, and she is also the proud owner of Inner and Outer Beauty in West Seattle – a designer boutique salon, and she is super set up to protect you as much as humanly possible against Covid. Check out her website

Free Foat – what is that?

What is floatation therapy?

Zero-gravity bliss. An experience of dark, cozy, quietude away from all of the noise and distractions of the world. We could all use a bit of that right now!

If you've never heard of floatation therapy, it's a profoundly relaxing and meditative wellness modality and happens to be a perfect compliment to your yoga practice.

New research is backing up what avid floaters have known for decades. Floating is an effective and reliable way to manage pain, stress, and anxiety while elevating mood and improving sleep quality. Floating weightlessly in 10" of water with 1000 lbs of Epsom salt, you'll be able to naturally reset your nervous system and give your mind and body the rest and recovery you deserve.

Our friends at Float Seattle offer float sessions at 3 different locations in the Seattle area (Greenlake, Greenwood, and downtown Bellevue). Want more info? Visit

COVID-safe & Health Department Approved: The Epsom salt in each float tank acts as a powerful sanitation barrier in and of itself, but the salt-water solution is also filtered for 15 minutes between every floater, and is treated with a combination of UV, Ozone, and H2O2.

You're in control: Worried about tight spaces? Keep the lid cracked. Worried about floating in the dark? Keep the tank light on. Ease into the experience at your own pace! Your float guide will give plenty of tips!


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