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Book Recommendation: The Liberated Mind

The Liberated Mind - How to pivot towards what matters by Steven C Hayes Ph.D.

If you taken my 200 hour yoga teacher training, you will recognize the lessons. I teach based on ACT, which is in itself based on ideas from 8 limbs of yoga, Buddhism and Greek philosophy. This is such an important read for anyone struggling with anxiety, depression, or well just life in general.

The books makes an easy listen while driving. Look, Seattle the way it is, traffic is our reality, why not listen to something that can honestly change your life. NO, no quick fixes here, you know how much I hate quick fixes. You will have to work you little bum off practicing. But the tools that you gain in this book, as well as the tools that I do give you in Spira's 200 hour mindfulness and yoga training will guide you for a lifetime...


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