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must read and never forget

My newest book recommendation is Julie Orringer’s Invisible Bridge, which is a novel about a Jewish family living through the holocaust. Don’t let the length of the novel deter you; the story mesmerized me, and I could not put it down.

If you are looking to bite into a book that is a page-turner, a love story, drama, horror, and history, look no further.

Reading Invisible Bridge can give you perspectives during hard times, inspiration, and strength to survive. You will also learn WWII history; the book is ridiculously well researched and in-depth about the events.

And yes, I may be biased since it is about a Hungarian family, and I read and understand Hungarian. I also know and can envision every street corner that is described in the book, every recipe, and smell. But even if you account for my incredible bias, Ms. Orringer written a book that is well worth your time.

And if my raving of the book is not inspirational, read the reviews below, and then read the book.

Seriously, read it! It is a good read and a story from history from which we must learn and never forget.

“Orringer’s great achievement here is to give us the Holocaust anew, to remind us of the scale of what was lost and to cherish what survived.” – Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“Awe-inspiring. [Orringer’s] research is painstaking and deftly woven into the body of her work – never academic, yet consistently learned.” – The Oregonian


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