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A Call For Peace, Celebrating Diversity

When I set out to open a neighborhood yoga studio, I had a vision of creating a community where folks came not only to work out and get fit, but they came to re-charge their spirit, meet with existing friends and find new friends. I am happy to say my vision came true. Spira is a bustling, pulsing community.

Though at Spira Power Yoga we teach a physically challenging workout, I believe yoga is not about flexibility and fitness; these are simply the side effects of the practice. Yoga is about living in mindful action, balancing strength and flexibility, creating harmony, balance, and peace within the body and in our environment.

It is in this spirit that I offer a day of free yoga to the community on the day of Spira’s 5th. anniversary. It is also this sense of community that inspired our peaceful warrior video. We are living in a time where our mainstream media brings us daily messages of heartache and conflict. I wanted to create a message of peaceful, mindful action of unity, love and community. I hope you will enjoy our video.

Please share our video and tag @spirapoweryoga on Facebook along with #peacefulwarrior that includes a picture of your diverse community. 

For peace to thrive, we need to speak out, peace and love need to be louder and bigger than conflict. I hope that our call for action will make some ripples in the world and will get folks involved in a conversation about how to build a peaceful environment where our diversity is celebrated not as a tool to separate, but as a gift to unite humanity.


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