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Best ever comfort food: Chicken Piccata

Last night I got home from a long weekend of teaching 40 Days of Introspection on Friday, and 200 Hour Teacher Training / Self Enrichment all day Saturday and Sunday. I was tired and craving something tasty and comforting.

For some weird reason, Chicken Piccata is the thing that I go for when I need comfort. Chicken Piccata is such a “to go” comfort food for me that this last summer when I woke up from anesthesia following minor surgery, in my drug-induced silliness, and oh man I said some silly things, I pretty much ordered my husband to pick up Chicken Piccata from the Italian restaurant. I also texted all my close friends that I must have “Chicken Piccata, Piccata oh so good, Dora must have Piccata” this went on until my husband took away my phone. Yeah, I recommend that you ask your loved ones to hide your cell phone for up to 5 hours post waking from anesthesia.

So back to last night. Piccata time, and as far as I am concerned the more Piccata – Sour the better.

So here is my quick and easy way to pure heaven:


  1. About one pound of organic chicken thighs, or breasts diced into 1inch cubes

  2. Two cans of artichokes in water diced small (I buy the ones that are quarter diced already, they are less expensive, and I am just gonna diced them smaller anyway.)

  3. 4-6 cloves of garlic

Chicken Piccata, gluten free, grain free, Paleo

  1. One small can of anchovies

  2. Butter

  3. A very generous handful of drained capers

  4. Juice of two very juicy lemons

  5. Salt and pepper

  6. Fresh parsley

  7. 1 tbsp. arrowroot powder

The process:

  1. Melt butter, I use a lot of butter… Melt do not boil.

  2. Add anchovies to hot butter and stir and crush until you got a buttery anchovy mixture.

  3. Take off heat allow it to somewhat cool, and then add 4-6 crushed garlic and juice of one lemon as well as the capers. Heat gently until the garlic is just a little pink.

  4. Add diced chicken and cook until just a little pink

  5. Then add the two cans of artichokes, cover and cook for a few more minutes

  6. Mix 1 tbsp. arrowroot powder in water and stir into the pot. Cover and cook a few more minutes until the liquids thicken. (Arrowroot is a non-gluten starch that will make you piccata less runny)

  7. Take off from gas, add diced parsley and juice of one more lemon. Adding lemon after cooking as well will make sure that lemony taste is preserved fresh.

That’s it. Eat! I served this last night with a turnip mash and fresh green salad on the side! All of that took me 30 min in the kitchen. It was so very worth it!

I will write to you about turnip mash next week!

Perfect Paleo dinner: Chicken Piccata with Trunip Mash, and Green Salad

Until then, happy cooking, happy eating, happy yoga,



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