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Happy Anniversary (almost!) wow…thank you students

Happy Anniversary (almost!)

Just about two short years ago, I came across a blurb on a neighborhood blog announcing the opening of a new yoga studio a few blocks from my house. How exciting! Then, on the website, the most amazing photograph. A woman, blond, with her back to the camera with the most beautiful muscle tone in her arms, shoulders and back. BEAUTIFUL. I thought “THIS is what yoga does?” I immediately picked up the phone and lucky for me Dora answered. How in the world she could transmit the Dora-energy through the phone, I will never understand but she sounded wonderful! Starting a business is no joke and I’m sure she was running on pure adrenaline those few days before her first community class. I didn’t call any friends to come with me. I decided to start this adventure all on my own.

So, I went to my first Vinyasa Power Flow class. Surprises? SWEAT. Energy, light, breath, peace, strength, lots of laughter and MORE SWEAT. All of these things I found from day one.

Just about 30 minutes in to this 90 minute class, my head started to swim, I saw white lights and I decided it was time for me to exit the class before I tipped over and hurt myself or someone else. The amazing thing was that I was NOT discouraged. Well, not really. I was a little disappointed in myself for being so out of shape but I was elated! I felt the energy coming from the people in that room was extraordinary. I attended my next class within days and have never looked back.

To my Spira family, especially (angel) Dora, I say thank you. Thank you for this amazing gift you have given us! YOU J




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