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Mukha-mukhi with Dora

I have been in the yoga industry for twenty years and have always been saddened by the lack of cultural diversity in the yoga rooms in North America. Well, this all changed when I opened Spira Yoga in Issaquah. I am delighted every day that our little studio looks like the United Nations; we are diverse in cultural background, race, and age. I believe cross-cultural and cross-generational dialogues are very important for a healthy society.

Looking at our Spira Issaquah community gives me tremendous hope that peace, love, and cross-cultural appreciation are possible; we simply need to provide fertile soil.

This is also why I was so delighted when one of my students, Shravya, asked me for an interview on her auntie's YouTube channel, which is dedicated to celebrating South Indian Heretidge and Telugu Language.

Enjoy our dual language discussions on yoga.


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