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New Podcast with Dora

Thank you, Sommer, for hosting me on your amazing Podcast channel, Breaking Free, a Body, Mind, Spirit Approach to Mental Health.

In this podcast, I interview Dora Gyarmati, a seasoned teacher of mindfulness-based yoga for nearly 20 years, about how yoga has benefitted her life and that of her many students. I (Sommer) was able to complete my 200-hour yoga teacher training with Dora this past year, and together, we explore the lessons learned in life from the practice of yoga as well as how yoga can link our mind, body, and spirit in an intentional daily practice. We discuss why yoga has the capacity to add to the quality of our daily lives through helping us embody ourselves through mindful motion, self-awareness through meditation, and further connection with our spiritual selves through breath and heart space connection. We also discuss how not all yoga programs are the same. Many yoga studios seem to be loosing their holistic roots and perhaps loosing some part of the value that yoga provides in mirroring in the yoga room the same challenges we face in life, such as dealing with discomfort, emotional regulation, finding balance, and keeping our focus where we desire to hold it. Whether you are a seasoned yogi or new to the practice of yoga, this podcast offers some beautiful wisdom and tools for how to bring mindful awareness to our lives and how to live a more self-examined life.


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