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No More Tricks This Year – Treat Yourself To a Peaceful Halloween

Enjoying the fall colors

Yoga and meditation can help us become active observers, sensitive not just to our physiology but also to the energetic balance of the universe. The United States and the World economy runs on customer-centric capitalistic principles. If there is enough of us turning off our television during the useless sensationalist news, refusing tickets at the movie theatre to one more mindless bloody action film, and buying butterfly costumes instead of gory, scary outfits this Haloween, then we can change what is emphasized and celebrated in our culture.

I say I had enough of the guts, the fast action, the adrenaline infused getting scared. I would like to treat myself to some deep thinking, creative expressions, conversations between rival opinions without the added sensationalist brainless shouting. Yeah, I had enough of the tricks for this year!

I will treat myself to something quiet, healthy and peaceful. We have been gifted beautiful fall sunshine this year. Go out and collect some golden and red leafs, sniff into the slightly child air, enjoy the music of the wind through the branches.

Spira also offers some great opportunities for fun, peace, education, and quiet. See our amazing workshops this upcoming fall and winter. What? I know, just because I have to make a living and I run a business it does not mean that what I said above is not from the heart! :- ) But yeah, I am a business owner, but I do hope that my passion and work is one that helps you live a better, more peaceful life.

Thank you for reading and thank you for being part of the Spira community, Dora owner and artistic director of Spira Power Yoga

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