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Reflections on our retreat experience

It seems to me that nowadays we put all of our experiences into images before we had a chance to feel the moment. Selfies and views of our travels often go public via Instagram and Facebook before we had a chance to live them fully, understand them thoroughly and remember them sweetly.

We almost had to answer to that question during our yoga retreat. Up until the last day we pretty much forgot the outside world, nobody was taking pictures. We had amazing classes, we hiked to amazing destinations, we may have even hit the pub in Roslyn once or twice, but there was hardly any picture taking till the very last day. Then in a frenzy we remembered that we should document that we are having fun. These images don’t reflect the retreat. You cannot see the friendships that formed, you cannot hear the birds chirping during our meditation, you are not experiencing someone’s renewed faith in the impossible, nor can you feel the bubbles in the Jacuzzi or how the red wine combined with chocolate mousse on our palette. But these are few images of days that we will not forget and I hope it will inspire some of you to share this amazing experience with us in the future.


Wine and chocolate mousse, there is really nothing to whine about except for Mark eating the last serving…now that is a very good reason for whining and I did, quite a bit. But till this day Mark feels very good about his decision. Cleary I need to work on my game.


One of many fantastic meals by Kandie and her amazing helpers Courntey and Felicia! Thank you gals for an amazing experience!


Cold Gazpacho for a hot day. Yeah, brilliant!

Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location

Our cooking angels...

Our cooking angels…

Circle of fire, our nightly ritual.

Circle of fire, our nightly ritual.

It really was not that cold, only we were cold... look somebody has to provide the entertainment...

It really was not that cold, only we were cold… look somebody has to provide the entertainment…

Yes, the bear is in a dog head...

Yes, the beer is in a dog head, we preferred that to the aligator…

Teaching moment...

Teaching moment…

One of many amazing classes.

One of many amazing classes.

Friendships, joy and laughter.

Friendships, joy and laughter.

Our furry friend who visited our practice daily. Ok so maybe you cannot see him very well. But we had to take the picture to prove that he was there! 🙂


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