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Bright Green Soup for Eclipse Day

Yoga is not just exercise; it is a lifestyle. Exercise alone will not keep you healthy. For optimal health, you need yoga exercise combined with daily mindfulness practice, meditation, and mindful nutrition. You may have wondered what keeps the Spira yoga teachers looking so vibrant, and healthy into their 40’s and 50’s. Here is your answer in three short bullet points!

  1. We feed your mind: i.) We meditate and practice mindfulness daily!– Check out 200-hour Self-Enrichment, 40 days, and Making Friends with Stress Workshops under “Yoga Beyond Asana” tab on our website. ii.) We read! Check out our book recommendations: or read our reflections:

  2. We exercise daily – Take a Spira Power Yoga class 3-6 times a week.

  3. We eat right – nourishing home cooked food made from scratch!

Spira’s Soulfood blog is dedicated to giving you weekly recipes from your yoga teachers kitchen. Nothing staged, nothing artificial in our food or our presentation. What you see on this blog is what we eat at home. We cook it, we take pictures, and we share it with the community.

Our main contributors are:

Carina: She follows an Ayurvedic vegetarian diet that works for her body.

Dora: She had lifelong chronic gut inflammation that she finally got under control with a Low Carb, Paleo, Keto diet. (No grain, no legumes, very little starch of any kind)

Keri: Who is a darn good cook of all scrumptious dishes.

Des: Who is a new mom, figuring out meals that work for her and her baby.

YOU? – Wanna contribute? Write to us:

Bright Green Soup for Eclipse Day

Peruvian Chicken Soup

I don’t even know if I should post anything today, everyone is Solar Eclipse crazy. But you know, the moon will come, the moon will go, and you will still be hungry for dinner! So I figure I better post something.

Before I do though, I do have to share my Solar Eclipse experience. As you know, I live out in the country, so I decided to time my gardening and watering for the time of the eclipse to experience a longer time frame outside. It was pretty spooky; animals definitely keep track of the moon. My dogs went to their evening pillow. They never go to their evening pillow before nighty-nighty time. The rooster in the neighborhood was clearly confused and proceeded to scream most of the am hours. Otherwise, the forest became silent as if all the animals were wondering if the sun will ever rise again

All in all, it was an interesting experience. What did you do during the eclipse? Share your experiences in a comment below!

OK, now I am ready to give you a recipe! I know I promised the rest of the family reunion dinner last week, but with the solar eclipse, I think something light tangy and fun would be better. Maybe something a bit unusual….hmmm. I got it!

Peruvian Chicken Lime Soup (Aguadito de Pollo)

I found this recipe in one of my favorite books:

Dora’s inflammatory diet notes: It is a Paleo recipe, so perfect if you wish to avoid wheat. To make it Primal, skip the rice. To make it Keto; skip the rice and substitute potatoes with rutabaga or shredded cabbage and add a bit more coconut oil.

Ingredients, feel free to adjust if you don’t like sour or garlic.

Ingredients – Get ready to chop!

  1. ½ cup of water

  2. 1 small bundle of cilantro

  3. 5 cloves of garlic

  4. 2 tbsp of coconut oil – add more for keto

  5. 1 lb of skinless chicken thighs, cubed into 1 inch pieces

  6. Sea salt

  7. 1 medium onion, diced small

  8. ½ fish sauce

  9. 5 cups of bone broth

  10. 1.4 green beans chopped into half an inch length

  11. ¼ carrots chopped small

  12. 2 tbsp of uncooked white rice -skip to make it keto/primal

  13. 1 diced potato – substitute rutabaga or shredded cabbage to make it keto

  14. Juice of one whole lime

  15. Extra lime wedges for serving

Place cilantro, garlic, and water in the food processor and pulse it until you get a crazy green monster liquid.

Salt the chicken and cook in coconut oil over medium heat until nice and light brown. Add the onions and cook further until translucent. Then add the monster green liquid from above, add fish sauce. Cook for few minutes and then add the bone broth.

Reduce to low, then add all the rest of the ingredients except the lime and cook for another 35 minutes.

Add the lime once you turned off the heat to keep the sour flavor. Add as much as you want, don’t be shy!

Serve and eat!

Green, awesome, healthy, quick! Perfect for busy evenings.

Until next time,



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