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Get Inspired, fitness and nutrition for life

I dislike most yoga out there. I also find most diets silly and unsustainable; as a matter of fact, I never been on a diet. You are right if you are thinking there is absolutely nothing exciting or unique about not liking yoga or dieting, except I am a professional yoga and mindfulness teacher as well as a nutrition coach.

So how does a 44-year-old woman who dislikes yoga and diets end up dedicating a life, with 12-hour workdays to these subjects?

Dora, rocking her 40s - beauty in vitality and health

Not all yoga is created equal:

What I mean is some yoga styles will work for some, but not for others.

I find most yoga, for the lack of better description, too flowery. Maybe my practical European heritage, but when I hear someone talk in a soft, soothing voice about the moon and the sky, I just want to run away.

But I do love mindfulness, ethics, values, hard work, truth, clarity, perseverance – all these values that yoga talks about, I love, and I practice, I just like them to be presented more pragmatically. I relate to the practical and scientific better. That is not to say I am not spiritual, I am deeply spiritual, but my spirituality is in action, I don't relate to spirituality by soft voice and rituals. I resonate with Mark Twain when he said, "Actions speak louder than words, but not nearly as often."

Yoga is amazing exercise for men and with Spira's pragmatic style, many find it very enjoyable

I also love exercise:

Unlike other forms of movement such as biking or running, yoga allows every single muscle, the stabilizers, and the large movers a balanced workout. I think we all need to move, as I tell my students all the time, motion is the lotion. But I do find that most yoga classes are not physical enough, and some are too physical but not accessible for most of us because we are not Cirque du Soleil athletes.

This conflict between loving what yoga has to offer, but not finding the right presentation got my business started 10 years ago. I figured I could not be alone feeling the need for a great exercise that we can do for the rest of our life, a practice that is :

· Cardiovascular

· Weight bearing

· Non impact

· Strengthening

· Lengthening / Stretching

· Stabilizing

· Invigorating

· Calming

· Smart and Intellectual

· Mindful

· And teaches resilience and emotional intelligence

In other words, it has it all. I can honestly say there is no need for a gym membership, self-help, or inspirational coach. Yoga has it all; I went out to create a yoga teaching style that works for me. It keeps me in fantastic physical and mental shape. I certainly have not been to a gym in 20 years, and I am in better shape today than I was in my twenties.

Balancing strength and flexibility is essential for health and vitality

Along the way, many students recognized the value that Spira Power Yoga has to offer. I also made connections with many teachers who resonated with my perspective.

It was through a Spria Workshop that I met Heidi, she owns a Pilates studio, but our collaboration got her started on a yoga teaching path as well. I learned and incorporated a lot of Heidi's knowledge from pilates into Spira's yoga style; now, we teach side by side, continually evolving because of one and another.

Heidi rocking a side plank

Along the way, the two of us also discovered that we are kindred spirits in nutritional lifestyle as well. Heidi is a licensed Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and I am a lifelong Mark Sisson Primal Lifestyle fan. We both are avid fans of eating as a source of joy, health, and lifestyle.

Food should be loaded with flavor and nutrition

Food that gives vitality and vibrancy to humans also supports a healthy and balanced planet as well as farmers. Food should be fresh, never preserved. Food should be food, as Michael Pollan said; If it has more than five ingredients on the package, or if you cannot pronounce it, you should probably not eat it. We should be eating food that our great-great-grandmothers recognize.

Both Heidi and I love to cook; we love to spread the joy that comes from this old art-form that used to be handed down through generations.

If you feel inspired or curious, take our 21-day challenge. We will teach you how to create a lifestyle of health.

· You will get fit through yoga

· You will learn the essence of fresh cooking, and healthy lifestyle through lectures

· And you will receive amazing fresh all-natural food delivered to you so you can eat healthy while you are learning how to cook healthy.

Fitness is not difficult. I never had to deprive myself of amazing flavors, and I always enjoyed the vitality of my body. I don't have food cravings, and I don't experience emotional ups and downs from hunger. At 44, with 17% body fat, I feel better and look better than I did in my twenties.

Join me and Heidi on this journey; this is something you can do and enjoy for the rest of your life.


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