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Lisa’s Matcha Bullet Proof Morning

If you have been coming to Thursday night’s Yin class and Sunday evening’s Restorative class, then you know Lisa knows how to relax you and prepare you for perfect bliss. But you may not know that Lisa can also put the zing into you early in the morning like nobody else!

Check out her recipe for Matcha Bullet Proof Morning

  1. Pre-Heat Mason Quart Jar

  2. Pre-Heat hand blender in Jar

  3. Pre-Heat Mug


  1. Put Grass-fed Butter &/or Coconut Oil, – 2 tbsp

  2. Grass-fed Collagen (hydrolyzed blends best), 2 scoops

  3. Maca (for hormonal support) 1tps

  4. Matcha – 1 tbsp

Fill mason jar w/ingredients on the bottom, fill up mason jar only Halfway with Hot water. Blend w/hand blender. Top off mason jar w/ HOT Water (Sweeten w Stevia or Monk Fruit Sweetener if bitter is not your flavor for the day) Pour you and your Friend a Green Cuppa-Goodness and have a Great Day (Maca is adrenal supporting and Coffee can be adrenal zapping)

Get the energy you need for the day, so you can have the energy to come to Lisa’s amazing Yin class at night!


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