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Spira Talk-Radio Podcast

It has been a year since Coronavirus shut down our studios. Though we have successfully moved some of our business over to ON-Demand and Live-Stream, something is missing...

The chit-chat! We miss talking to you guys in the hallway, at the reception, sitting on the couch with a couple of poodles on our lap. We miss the interaction; so we thought, why not bring the chit-chat to you!

Watch Dora's welcome message:

We envision Spira Talk-Radio podcasts to be light-hearted, casual conversations with teachers, students, and the community about anything; from yoga to current events, and books to eating rattlesnakes. We will keep our topics informational and valuable, but present them in a very relaxed easy listening fashion. Our goal is not only quality information, but also a more personal window to our staff and community; through these podcasts, we would like you to get to know us better as a person.

We are happy to present the podcast to you in two formats:

  1. Audio only - search for Spira Power Yoga Podcasts on Google, Apple, Spotify... if you cant' find our channel, here is a direct link.

  2. Video, in case you miss seeing our faces, and this will come in handy when we have cooking episodes filmed in our kitchen. Here is the link to our Podcast Video Channel

Our First guest is Carina, and our topic is breath! Did you know that the way you breathe can change the structure of your mouth?

Watch our very first Talk-Radio Podcast!

Next week, we will talk with Kristen and Cait, we will chat about teens/tweens/young adults and emotional health especially during these challenging times.

We are also planning an interview with Lisa, who is a licensed esthetician, she will give us some good tips for combating mask-face-skin issues. Chuck will talk about music, being a guy in a female-dominated industry... and so much more. We will aim for one new episode every week!

Let's hope that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

If you are interested in a topic, if you wish to hear from a specific teacher, or if you would like to participate in our show, write to us:

Sending love and healing energy to the Universe,

Dora - owner of Spira Yoga Studios


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