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The Gift of Inner Confidence Through Yoga

Another amazing year has gone by, and Spira graduated a new class of 200 Hour Teacher Training – Self Enrichment Graduates.

You may have been wondering what the 200-hour training is all about. Or maybe you are curious why Spira is different. Below you will find a letter from one of the graduates, we hope it will answer a few of your questions.

We also have an Info Session coming up in June 15th. We would love to see you!

Spira Power Yoga 200-Hour Graduates, Class of 2018

Teacher Training at Spira Power Yoga was one of the best things I have done for myself. Spira is welcoming community for all of us, the camaraderie between the teacher trainers may have been one of the best parts of teacher training. I also enjoyed the books we read & discussed. The challenge of 40 Days also helped me get thru the winter months. And as a byproduct, I got fit physically and mentally.

My initial goal when I signed up for Yoga Teacher Training at Spira was to learn the poses. I signed up for the self enrichment. I wanted to be comfortable rolling out my mat in the middle of the studio and know what I was doing. The idea of becoming qualified to teach others was a glossy coating seemingly beyond my reach. With the encouragement of my fellow teacher trainers, I got there.

I certainly learned yoga. I studied how to safely be in each pose, what muscles are utilized and how to use energetics to cue others. I learned how to sequence a class. The Sanskrit terms I thought I would never be able to remember, I learned those too. I learned how to have a presence.

What I didn’t expect to get out of yoga teacher training is the most important gift: an inner confidence. Yoga is not just being able to perform poses. Yoga is a practice on and off the yoga mat. It’s the most important thing I carry with me everyday, everywhere I go.

Thank you Dora and Brenda! I am grateful to have you as teachers. You both instilled in me the knowledge to have a yoga practice of my own.


Hilda Burton


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