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Looking for an audiobook?

Summer is often the time for ‘light reading; magazines are full of paperback recommendations for the beach. I feel differently about the summer; when I slow down, I like to reflect, I like to soak up an aspect of humanity that has nothing to do with production and efficiency that we so love to chase at work. When I sit down to enjoy the waves, I like to tune in to the soul of humanity; I like to fill my heart with meaning and perspective.

I love the written word, but there is always an exception. Sidney Poitier’s read of his Autobiography “The Measure of a Man” should be enjoyed as an audio book. Sir Poitier is magnificent, lyrical, moving, heart ranching, simply splendid. I binged listened all weekend long to his voice. I just could not put it down.

If you are looking for a beautiful, fulfilling audio-book, if you wish to find the meaning to the human condition if you need the inspiration to be resilient, this is your book.

Also…we too often forget history, we should all listen to this book, so we never forget the trials and challenges that faced minorities in this country. Yes, things are better, but there is still work to do, and we can only do good work for the future if we don’t forget our history.

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