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This One is For You Lady Gaga…

This one for you Lady Gaga… Here is my skin folding over on my belly! #iamproudofmybody

I am sharing this post because I feel that I represent the fitness industry and healthy living. It is my responsibility to represent a healthy self-image and self-love. Often happiness, perfection, and fitness are symbolized with a flat tummy and six-pack. I am a fan of a fit body, but I just about had it with the impossible expectations that women are facing everywhere. So I stand with Lady Gaga. This is just about the least flattering angle for my body. And so it should be. There is a difference between health and obsession with the outer image…

This one is for you Lady Gaga, and for all the young girls growing up in this world.

Women are beautiful. Women have more body fat than men on average. We should have more body fat than what is considered ideal by the media. It is NOT healthy to have a six-pack for a woman.

Oh, you can be strong under a healthy layer of fat, your strength has nothing to do with a six-pack! I have often watched ladies with flat bellies drop to resting pose in my class while I teach abdominal exercises, and I do the sit ups myself while talking… Six-pack may mean you are strong and healthy, but it may also come with a cost of dehydration and starvation.

Being healthy and fit comes in a range of sizes. Eat healthy, exercise, stay in a healthy range of weight that your doctor recommends, and feed your brain! Your brain is your sexiest organ! When you are healthy, you are beautiful. When you are smart, you are beautiful!

I don’t have curves; I have a muscular, lean body. I also don’t have bosoms to meet the ideal image… So what?

I am a beautiful, smart, loving human being, and I love my belly!

Lady Gaga, you got amazing talent, and I will be happy to see you even if you put on ten more pounds! Which by the way would still place you in a healthy range!

It is time to put an end to this crazy expectation. Lady Gaga puts on work that leaves you breathless, and some have the audacity to point out that she has skin folding on her belly… Well here is my skin folding! With the words of Lady Gaga, “I am proud of my body.”

Women genetically have bellies! Bellies are beautiful. Share this blog on your social media feed. Take a picture of your belly and tag #iamproudofmybody

Sending love to all the little girls who are going through puberty right now! Love your belly ladies!



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