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We are a Globally Certified Meditation and Yoga School

Dear Students and Community,

2020 has been a challenging year, but I firmly believe that our challenges are often our blessings.

Covid forced us onto online education, and what I found that students came to our online workshops and lectures from all over the world. OK OK, not many, but we had a few wonderers from the Universe that made me pause and think; Why be limited to Seattle? Our students often move, sometimes to other countries, and now we have students who wish to learn from other countries.

So I reached out to the World Federation of Yoga and to the International Yoga Alliance as well as the Meditation Alliance International and started a long process of interviews and paperwork. (You know, in my downtime, yes please insert a painful smile here. :-) )

And the hard work paid off. Now, Spira Power Yoga is a Globally licensed school. Additional good news is that now you have choices. We are also certified with the American Yoga Alliance, but if for some reason you have been looking for an alternative licensing body, now you have a choice. World Yoga Federation you only have to pay once for membership, and you can teach anywhere in the world.

Here is a list of all of our Certifications:

  1. Yoga Alliance - 200-HR and 300-HR (500-HR total) Certified Teaching School

  2. World Yoga Federation - 200-HR and 500-HR Certified Teaching School

  3. Licensed as a vocational school by the state of Washington Workforce Board

  4. Certified Meditation School by Meditation Alliance International to offer 100, 200, 300, and 500-HR Training

I hope all these certificates will make new students confident to sign up for our training and workshops, and our existing students will feel some pride and reassurance in the fact that we are one of the very few schools in Washington with all four certificates.

OK - now it is your turn! Are you curious about our unique Sef-Enrichment and Teacher Training? Wish to dive into yoga and philosophy? Are you planning to make lasting lifestyle changes?

Thank you for giving me the gift of teaching! I love teaching way more than doing paperwork for certifying bodies, but I love teaching so much, that I am willing to do all this paperwork for your benefit.

Hope you join me on a 200-hour journey,

Dora, teacher, and owner of Spira Power Yoga

Oh Yes, that is the Washington State Diploma, I don't have a pretty picture of that one. But the diploma is up for everyone to see in the West Seattle Studio


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