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Window to a different world

We are comfortable living in tribes, surrounded by people who think the same way, look the same way, and talk the same way. But tribal comforts lead to harmful thinking about the other, and eventually, the tribes feel they need to attach.

I love to travel, and I love to read because it makes me experience and understand other cultures better.

The more I travel and read, the more I realize how similar our human needs are; we want to love, we want to be productive, and celebrate life.

I started listening to Trevor Noah's audiobook because I have been a fan of his since he popped in on Daily Show ten years ago. Also, because besides reading The Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela, I knew absolutely nothing about South Africa.

I was curious about his world. I wanted to understand a life very different from mine.

I am glad I listened to his book. I learned things I never knew. I also laughed so hard; coffee would come out my nose. I would laugh about things that no one should really laugh about, but that is the genius of Mr. Noah; he can bring his story intimately to all of us, through humor he breaks barriers; he is a gifted storyteller.

Mr. Noah sure had a different upbringing from myself, but there was still much that sounded familiar.

His mom and my grandmother must have been born under the same star alignment, both fiercely independent, powerful, spirited women. I also had a decade away from my father that allowed me to relate to his story.

If you wish to learn about the apartheid, race, and the power of language, then listen to this audiobook.

Besides a good book, the audio version is brilliantly performed.

A heads up, you will read about some animal cruelty. I have read the reviews on Amazon, some folks are really hung up on this matter. You guys know me, I am an animal lover. I grew up with animals; heck, sometimes I like dogs better than humans. I say all this because even with all my pet loving nature, I get his stories. My parents grew up in great poverty; my grandma had to cook a horse during WWII just to feed the family. I felt his somewhat blasé attitude towards some of these events (yes, I am referring to the cats) are needed to give you a visceral feel about the complexity of culture and socioeconomics. It is too easy to intellectualize events in history. A dead cat, well, there is just no way around that; that is some authentic and real s***. Thus to my critical Amazon review friends, I say with all respect… you are missing the point if you are focused on that darn cat.

Also, Dear Reviewer on Amazon, the ones who say – too many f- words, well, sometimes life just calls for it. For example, when another Amazon Reviewer wrote: “racist against white people” – seriously? Common people. You gotta be fucking me! :-) There, you see, yes, sometimes there is a need for those f-bomb folks. Talk about missing the point of the story…

Anyway my friends, give it a listen. Dive into a different world; who knows; maybe you will come out understanding your world better.


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