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Breath is something you gotta read- and do...

When my step sister told me she heard an interview with James Nestor about his new book, Breath.

I was unsure. Recently, there has been much fluff written on pranayama.

Yes, I am a bit jaded by popular yoga writings; it’s all too often badly researched, superficial and sensational in presentation. And ,Yes, I am a self-aware academic snob. :-)

My sister is very well-read person, I trust her taste and judgement, so her newborn enthusiasm for learning breathing practices got me interested. Also, how often does it happen that your family gets super excited about your work? I have been teaching yoga now for 15 years, and all of a sudden my siblings wish to learn yoga via my zoom classes. I was beyond happy, I figured, this Nestor guy is worth checking out.

And Mr. James Nestor's book; Breath, was sure worth the time. Though written in a popular manner, the book managed to stay in-depth and scientific. It was lighthearted, good read without "dumbing down" topics.

I read the book in two days, the writing style and content was so engulfing, I simply could not put it down. The book is so well written, and well researched; I decided to make it optional additional read for the 200-hour training.

This is the perfect book for anybody who ever wondered why breathing is so vital for yogis. If you are interested in a comprehensive viewpoint that summarizes the scientific writings while juxtaposing it against the ancient practices, and all the while also presenting multi-cultural discoveries, then read Breath by James Nestor.


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