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We will be back to normal hugging and loving, while at it here are 5 ways to stay healthy

First, yes, you read it right; we will be back to normal. Please do not listen to the fear mongers who claim that we will never hug, and touch and shake hands.

Yes, some things will change for the better. We probably realized there is no need for everyone to commute to work. We realized that half the meetings could be done online in half the time, but no, we will not live in isolation. To be human is to touch to hug, to be in company, this is so deeply rooted in our humanity that no one virus can take it away.

Will never stop hugging Brenda! Hell no, can't wait to hug the heck out of her again!

Remember the early days of discovery of the Aids virus; it was the time when people proclaimed the end of casual sex. Yeah, that worked out, 😊 now we have folks sliding an app left and right to decide on a casual hook-up. End of casual sex… yeah, not so much.

Humans will be humans. We live to touch. So we will be back to normal because we crave company and love doing yoga in our little community.

In the meantime, here are a few easy ways to stay motivated and healthy.

1. Set Up an Accountability Group. There’s a fair chance that your former workout tribe is in the same boat as you are, and would love to check in with some familiar faces. Spira is here to help. If you want to connect with a small group email and I would be happy to introduce you to another yogi who would love a zoom friend. You guys could text and motivate, and hold each other accountable to take Spira’s zoom classes

2. Think outside the home– take yoga everywhere. Now that the weather is nicer, there is a temptation to be outside. There is no reason to get all tight from running and miss your yoga. You can zoom Spira from anywhere as long as you have phone reception. Go for a walk, take your yoga mat, find a beautiful spot in nature, and zoom away!

OK maybe look for a bit more flat surface away from cliffs when practicing

3. Keep yourself to a schedule. I don’t know about you, but I tend to forget what day it is, with all this staying home there is less variety to the days thus days melt into one and other. Make a weekly schedule that has variety. For example; Monday noon with Dora, Tuesday morning with Marva, Wednesday walk to park and zoom with Amy, and so forth. Plan ahead and make the days deliberately different and hold yourself to that schedule. Ask your accountability group to help.

4. Stop reading and listening to the news. I am not saying don’t be informed about healthy practices, but I am saying stop the endless flow of fear that is coming from the media. Yes, times are unknown, yes we don’t know when it will end. But did we ever know the future? No! This time is no different, we live in a sea of unknown, and that is OK. Focus on the now, pick up a good book, do your yoga, focus on loved ones, make a tasty meal. Don’t allow the endless “information flow” to pollute your emotional constitution. Just try it out for a week, turn off the media, don’t read the newspaper, and focus on the now. You will see the joy and dedication pop right back into your yoga practice as well as your life.

5. Share your emotions, talk to someone. Make a hugging list for the future, in the meantime, make sure to talk and share your feelings. Don't pretend to be brave, don't cover up your feelings, don't over intellectualize. Make time to truly connect about your thoughts and emotions; we all need true connections for mental health. We are humans; we live to share our emotions physically as well as verbally. Do it verbally now, so later, you can just hug away without words.

Like I said, never stop hugging Brenda. Just wait!

This setback is temporary, and we’ll undoubtedly get back to our preferred flavor of fitness. Sooner? Later? I’m not entirely sure. Until then, being flexible and getting creative will help you optimize your health.


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